Jiri Matas

Jiri Matas is a professor at CTU in Prague (Faculty of Electrical Engineering). He mainly focuses on Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Pattern recognition, Algorithm and Video tracking. His Artificial intelligence study frequently draws connections between adjacent fields such as Machine learning. He has included themes like Contextual image classification, Cognitive neuroscience of visual object recognition, Text detection and Optical character recognition in his Pattern recognition study.

Jiri Matas' focus of reseacrh is in the field of Algorithm, narrowing it down to topics relating to Maximally stable extremal regions and, in certain cases, Harris affine region detector, Principal curvature-based region detector, Hessian affine region detector, Epipolar geometry and Geometry. Jiri Matas has researched Video tracking in several fields, including Visualization and Hough transform. His research investigates the connection between Tracking and topics such as Object that intersect with problems in Data mining.